ERI America offers a complete range of accessories to complement the vast array of toolholders. Our accessories include Retention Studs for CV & BT tapers, HSK coolant tubes & wrenches, Torque wrenches and much more.


The accessories area of our product line is constantly growing. If there is something that you don't see please e-mail us or contact one of our highly trained customer service representatives. They will be more than happy to inform you of the ever growing product line.

HSK Coolant Tubes and Wrenches:

We offer most sizes of coolant tubes and wrenches from HSK32 – HSK100.

Torque Wrenches:

Torque Wrenches are a necessary piece of equipment in all shops.  Tightening to the specified setting assures you that the cutting tools and toolholders are utilized to their maximum tolerances.  Over-tightening a toolholder can have a detrimental effect on its tolerance.

Spindle Wipes:

Spindle Wipes play an essential role in the life of a spindle.  Maintaining a clean spindle will extend its productivity and accuracy, maximizing your ROI and reducing expensive scrap and rework.  ERI stocks spindle wipes for most steep taper and HSK toolholders.

Toolholding Fixtures:

An essential tool room component, toolholding fixtures securely hold the taper while the technician makes adjustments, preventing personal injury and accidental physical damage to the taper.  Cutting tool changes are performed faster and the taper’s accuracy is extended.