Drilling Toolholders

ERI America offers a complete range of Drilling Toolholders including: ER & TG Collet Chucks, Keyless Chucks, Jacobs and Morse Taper Holders, and Radial Compensation Toolholders.  The entire family of Drilling Toolholders is available in most of the popular tapers.

ER & TG Collet Chucks

ERI America offers ER & TG Collet Chucks that are readily available from stock in CAT, BT, HSK, and straight shank.  Our ER Collets include standard, high precision, tapping, coolant, and coolant tapping collets in inch and metric sizes.  Our Standard ER collet Chucks in BT40, CV40, and CV50 include the Form AD+B Coolant Feature.

Keyless, Jacobs & Morse Taper Chucks

These integral drill chucks are designed to eliminate slippage or spinning as encountered with press-on toolholder / drill chuck assemblies. The design also eliminates any chance of misalignment between the toolholder and the drill chuck, reducing total indicated runout (T.I.R.).  They are available in CV, BT, HSK, and straight shank.  This product segment also includes Morse and Jacobs Taper Toolholders.

Radial Compensation Toolholders

Our uniquely engineered Radial Compensation Toolholders eliminate the total indicated runout (T.I.R.) while providing the highest level of cylindricity of any toolholder on the market today.  Many toolholders can provide high accuracy / low T.I.R. at the nose of the tool, or even at 3 or 4 times the diameter, but only our Radial Compensation Toolholders reduce the T.I.R. at the cutting edge to zero!


Other adjustable runout holders on the market bend their axis to reduce the runout at the drill point but sacrifice cylindricity.   To achieve lower runout, the axis of the toolholder and the cutting tool are inclined, creating an inclined bore.  Our exclusive design eliminates this common problem.


We have combined our Radial Compensating Toolholders with the most popular, and versatile clamping system available -  ER collet chucks.