Shrink Fit Tooling and Equipment

While end mill holders and collet chucks are the predominant toolholders in the metal working industry, they lack the accuracy and / or rigidity required by high-speed or high precision machining.  Hydraulic chucks, also popular toolholders, are suitable for precise machining and finishing work; however, they are bulky, contain moving parts, lack rigidity and lack gripping torque.  Shrink Fit toolholders are precise, rigid, and free of moving parts.  They also provide complete concentric gripping and perform as an integral unit.


The Shrink Fit Toolholder’s inside diameter is designed to be slightly smaller than the shank of the cutting tool.  When placed in the induction heating system, the inside diameter of the clamping end is heated and expands.  The tool shank can then be easily inserted into the toolholder.  As the toolholder cools, the resulting thermal contraction exerts a tremendous, uniform pressure on the entire surface of the cutting tool shank.  To remove the tool, the process is reversed.


Our vast offering of Shrink Fit toolholders includes inch and metric sizes with multiple gauge lengths in CV40, CV50, BT40, HSK32 - 100 in all forms.



Superior Concentricity

The concentricity of Shrink Fit toolholders is guaranteed to be less than 0.0002” at 3xD with the cutting tool in the shrunk position.  The cutting tool shank must have a tolerance of h6 or better with a completely cylindrical shank (no flats).

Superior Balance

Well suited to high speed operations primarily due to a completely symmetrical clamping portion with no moving components.  All Shrink Fit toolholders are pre-balanced to a precise degree.  With no set screws, wrench flats, collet nuts or moving parts to compensate, for the toolholder unbalance varies only slightly from its original precise balanced level.  High balance allow increase in speed and feed rated, better surface finishes and increased cutting tool lives.  When higher levels of balance are required, balance-able Shrink Fit toolholders can be provided on request.

Superior Rigidity

The average gripping force imposed on the shank of the cutting tool exceeds any collet or hydraulic chuck.  Shrink Fit toolholders provide a uniform concentric grip on the cutting tool shank on the entire length of the bore.  The higher gripping force of a Shrink Fit toolholder also provides a low cost, variable alternative to integral shank tools.

Superior Design

The Shrink Fit Tooling Systems is one of the most versatile systems to use.  The narrow nose diameter constructions is suited for deep cavity and thin wall machining.  The simple clamping method also allows for a shorter gage length than conventional hydraulic, collet or milling chucks.


Shrink Fit toolholders are available, upon request with lateral coolant ports, ID chip holes, form B coolant (CV & BT taper) or high precision balancing.