Spindle Speed Increasers

Spindle Speed Increasers are designed for manufacturing process optimization, reducing cycle time, downtime, and per-piece costs with your current machines.  They minimize spindle wear, allowing it to run at lower RPM while generating the speeds you need to do the work.  Spindle Speed Increasers are suitable for drilling and light milling operations, and especially for precision finishing operations.

ERI America carries a complete range of Spindle Speed Increasers from our partners Showa Tool and MPA srl.  Their unique product designs give us the ability to provide the exact Spindle Speed Increaser to meet all of your needs.


SHOWA TDU Spindle Speed Increaser

The Showa TDU-17N Spindle Speed Increaser is an ER16 6:1 ratio with a maximum output speed of 30,000 RPM, available in CAT, BCV, BT, BBT & HSK tapers.  Its unique Traction Drive Unit design delivers smooth running, without noise or vibration, resulting in remarkable accuracy and long service life. 

Power of the traction drive is transmitted by the rolling contact mechanism via an oil film of traction grease characterized by high viscosity at high pressures, which maintains efficient lubrication at high speeds.  The TDU-17N features ceramic bearings and through-the-body coolant to ensure reliable and long lasting high speed operation.  Its stable torque transmission produces stable RPM, unlike air motor speed accelerators, making grinding possible on your machining center.

MPA Spindle Speed Increasers

MPA’s line of Spindle Speed Increasers range from manual units with cylindrical shanks for manual machines to CAT, BT, and HSK units up to 24,000 RPM.  Manual Spindle Speed Increasers are available in a variety of different connections with ER11 & ER16 outputs.  The standard units are available in most popular tapers with spindle speeds from 9,600 - 24,000 RPM with outputs of ER16 through ER40.  They are also available with a coolant though the spindle option allowing these units to be used for high precision, high productivity, high volume drilling operations.

MPA Spindle Speed Increasers feature compact and solid construction, heat treated steel alloy main housing, ground and hardened input drive shank, coolant option through the positioning pin or through the tool, smooth running without vibration or noise, consistent operating temperatures without the need for forced air or coolants.