ERIAmerica (Lake Zurich, IL) and Volumec (Treviso, Italy) are proud to announce their Exclusive Distribution Agreement for North America.  ERIAmerica will handle sales and service for Volumec’s complete drilling/tapping line including their innovative VT/VTS Articulated Tapping System.

The VT/VTS Articulated Tapping System features a high torque pneumatic spindle mounted on a balanced, articulated arm with a reach of 75 inches and a multi-directional magnetic positioning head.  The VT/VTS system is capable of tapping fine holes in M3 - M26 steel.  It was designed to run off standard shop air, portable compressor, or even an air cylinder (limited run-time).

Constructed of aviation grade tubular aluminum, the strong yet light weight arm allows for extreme portability with ease of positioning and accuracy.  It is ideal for bench mounted workstations, yet portable enough for shop cart mounting, and excels at truck-mounted in-field applications. 




MPA srl (Bologna, Italy) and ERI America (Lake Zurich, IL) are proud to announce their agreement for ERI America to become the exclusive North American distributor for MPA’s complete range of products including: Multispindle heads, 90˚ angle heads, tilting heads, spindle speed increasers and customized specialty heads.  MPA was founded in 1975 and has grown to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of specialty heads.  

Designed and manufactured for drilling, tapping and milling operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, MPA products can be used on vertical or horizontal machining centers, conventional machines, boring machines, milling machines, tapping machines, transfer machines, drilling machines, and special machines.



Swiss Tool Systems AG (Bürglen, Switzerland) and ERI America (Lake Zurich, IL) are proud to announce their agreement for ERI America to become the exclusive North American distributor for Swiss Tool’s Swiss Bore & Swiss Flex lines, as well as their KM, Capto & HSK turning tools.  Swiss Tool was founded in 1973 and has grown to become one of Europe’s top 5 manufacturers of precision tooling.   Swiss Tools is famous for their top quality, accuracy, and their pure steel look.   They are uniquely positioned as a manufacturer of all known interfaces in the world of modular boring.

Swiss Bore is a modular system including: roughing tools from  0.925 – 6.024”, finishing tools from 0.118- 12.598”, bridge tools from 5.91 – 86.81”, and fine boring sets 0.118 – 12.598”.  ERI America will stock the full line of Swiss Bore tooling with all tapers. 

Swiss Flex delivers precision and accuracy to turning operations with the flexibility of modular components to reduce tool room inventories.  ERI America will stock turning tools and precision boring tools, along with parts and accessories. 


Micron Milling & Micron Mold Chucks
deliver high accuracy and clamping power

Micron Milling Chucks by Showa Tool guarantee tolerances as tight as 1µm at the chuck nose and 2µm at 3xD.  The innovative design generates twice the clamping force of hydraulic chucks with extreme rigidity that produces superior surface finishes and dimensional accuracy.   Micron Milling Chucks are excellent choices for milling, reaming, thread milling and precision drilling.  They are available in 0.750”, 1.00”, 1.250”, & 2.00” capacities.  Standard and thru-the-flange coolant chucks are available in popular inch and metric sizes. 

Micron Mold Chucks by Showa Tool provide excellent accuracy, 3µm at the chuck nose and 5µm at 3xD.  They feature an extended nose design that allows for deep milling and drilling in hard to reach mold and die block cavities.  The Micron Mold Chucks provide rigidity and concentricity equal to a shrink fit toolholder without the cost of induction equipment.  Standard and thru-the-flange coolant styles are available in lengths of 150 mm and 200 mm with inch and metric sizes from 0.125” (3 mm) to 0.500” (12 mm). 

ERI America stocks Showa Tool Micron Milling and Micron Mold chucks in CV40/50, BT40, HSK63A, HSK100A and Big Plus.  ERI America (Lake Zurich, IL) is the exclusive distributor of Showa Tool, including the Micron Milling and Micron Mold Chucks in North America.  For more information call (877) 374-8005  or visit e-mail inquiries to


Deep Hole Drilling to 1800mm (70.86”) with Showa Tools’ Super Drill

The Showa Super Drill system allows for precision drilling of holes up to 15 times their diameter from 50 - 270mm (1.97 - 10.63”), to a maximum depth of 1800mm (70.86”). It uses a combination of a center drill that creates its own pilot hole, a roughing blade, and a finishing blade which create small chips for ease of removal.  While the basic set includes a head, shank, center drill, roughing blade, and finishing blade, Showa’s modular design allows for use of 10 head sizes, 4 shank styles, and a wide variety of extension arbors, center drills, roughing and finishing blades.  The Super Tool allows you to maximize your flexibility and productivity without overcommitting to your tool room inventory.  Blades and drills are manufactured from sintered HSS for excellent performance and edge holding; sharpening is simplified thanks to the modular design and our available re-grinding fixture.